It all starts with a Horse

Horses have the ability to bring people together, whether it be a nation cheering on a horse or friends and family gathering at the local track to watch their horse race. All of this is made possible because of our beautiful equine counterparts and the dream of being a part of something special.

Our story, of course, starts with a horse that brought together an idea in 2017.

Bringing People Together

With a love of bringing people into the sport to feel the excitement and connection with the equine athlete. We started thinking of ways to allow others to easily experience the thrills of racing with their friends and family. In addition, enable existing industry stakeholders to connect and follow their horses throughout their lives in a modern and seamless way.

The Idea

In 2021 we decided to pursue our idea of building an app to simplify communication within all areas of the industry while educating new fans and owners and allowing users to develop a true passion for the sport.

Growing the Industry with Technology

Agri/Gate is built on four main pillars: Sustainability, Integrity, Transparency, and Education. Our team holds the equine athlete to the highest standards and will drive growth in horse racing by eliminating barriers to entry while giving users a transparent and educational experience.

The Connection To The Horse

Agri/Gate does much more than capture the thrills of horse racing. The platforms connect users to the Animal and allows people to develop respect for the Equine Athlete and a passion for the sport.


Our Value Proposition is a simple one:

✓ Efficiency
✓ Streamlining stress points
✓ Engaging Clients
✓ Education = Comfort
✓ Converting fans to Owners

Our Team
It’s all about passion.

Landon Jones

Landon Jones

Chief Executive Officer

After getting into ownership in 2017, Landon developed a deep passion for the equine athlete and the sport of horse racing. A racing advocate and general networking enthusiast with a knack for business, Landon’s vision is to help provide sustainability in the Industry through modern technology.

Dawson Guhle

Dawson Guhle

Chief Operating Officer

Dawson’s passion lies in the horse racing industry. He has found success as a Breeder and developed a connection to the horses by seeing them flourish from birth to the racetrack and into a secondary career. Dawson enjoys nothing more than sharing these exciting and intimate experiences with friends and family and encouraging others to participate in the sport. As a student of the sport Dawson looks to use his business background to help give industry stakeholders a genuine connection to the athlete and bring more people into racing.

Interested in Getting Involved or Learning More?

Our integrated platform was developed with all stakeholders in mind. We’d love to share more of our ideas with you, feel free to send us a quick message!